Candelario Insurance Advisors, benefit experts that  guarantee results which will make employers and employees smile. Reducing premium costs and keeping the company ERISA & ACA compliant will have employers smiling Helping  communicate benefits and resolve claims will leave your employees smiling



Candelario Insurance Advisors (CIA) – Today more than ever, employers need to rely on their Brokers expertise to guide them through a myriad of benefit issues including healthcare reform, cost containment and ERISA compliance. CIA is a team of Certified Healthcare Reform Specialists that are specially trained to mitigate the impact Obama care has on your company by providing ACA compliant options that will reduce premiums and guarantee compliance with ERISA, DOL, and ACA.




  • Candelario Insurance Advisors –
  • We are Nationally Certified Health Reform Specialists who will help you effectively navigate and comply with the complicated healthcare reform laws.
  • Our focus on compliance will prevent expensive fines and penalties associated with excruciating DOL/ERISA audits and compliance requirements.
  • We’ve saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical premiums by utilizing effective medical premium investment strategies.
  • We have a proven track record in saving premium dollars and mitigating compliance risk.